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 How a PTC Site Can Change Your Life

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PostSubject: How a PTC Site Can Change Your Life   Sun Jun 28, 2009 4:32 am

I really can’t help it but i need to share my experience with this site i found.

Before, i was wandering around online, clicking my heart out hoping to earn extra cash. I only see usernames and is not really sure if they are real people. My only objective then is to click and earn.

But then i saw this site while i was clicking and i was enticed to join immediately since it has only about 50 members and to tell you frankly i like the page design with the head banging lady. LOL. Anyway, I joined it and added it to my PTC list just like my other sites.

While I was clicking at this site, i noticed that i am earning fast and nearing my minimum cashout, so i reviewed the terms and WUUUHHH! I was shocked that i need to be upgraded first in order for me to cashout. I browsed the site and saw one of the specials it offers. 4 refs and Free Premium upgrade, its a good deal. I thought I need to get this. Problem is, I still not sure with the site coz its new. I cant ask other people coz i still don’t know anyone.

I browsed the site again and found the chatlounge, hoping to find some answers. Viola! I saw the owner of the site and chatted with her. Simple and casual chat at first while looking for a clue. I don’t know what happened but I purchased the special. This lady must have sales talk me. LOL.

But I have no regrets, in two weeks time my account balance reached my investment. And that was on the first week of June. From then on I make it a point of staying at chat lounge making friends with other members of the site and with the owner herself.

I now have friends, fellow clickers from different countries with different cultures. I am now part of a great community of clickers that are real people. Not just by usernames. Thanks shela for bringing me to this great site.

I am not alone anymore and the best thing is I’m earning fast.

Do you know what site I am talking about? If you don’t, you are not yet part of it. Join now and be a part of a great community while earning.

That is DaphneClix Community

Join DaphneClix
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PostSubject: Thanks for the sweet message and here I reply...   Sun Jun 28, 2009 8:50 pm

I almost burst in tears. LOL

First, thank you so much for this very sweet post.

I was very grateful that you have actually seen the essence of DaphneClix and its purpose.

Yes, DaphneClix is not only for making money but a community. Here, we help each other succeed in the PTC world. I apologized for the strict rules before, for we need to build a strong foundation for the site. Now that it is I may say, successfully built up less than 2 months with almost 1,800 members and still growing fast, I guess it’s time to let loose and share this blessings to the members. I may say too that DaphneClix is ready to face the giants in the PTC world.

Let's admit it. We click to earn. People join PTC sites hoping to earn or make extra bucks in the internet. Yes, I strongly believe, the money is on the net. We might not be as rich or as successful as others now, but who knows? One day you can find that gold mine others found in the net.

Joining a PTC is a good start for knowing the real game. Slow earner, but if you find a real site, what matters is you get paid. There are so many PTC sites out there, some are real, some are only built to entice people and later scam them. Some sites are not really scam, it is either not sustainable (admin has no other sources) or the fund was mismanaged.

That's why chatlounge was built, there you can share your real stories and prevent to get scammed by other sites. Chatlounge is built too as one medium of communication between the admin and its members and because we LISTEN to you.

People work, people need to get paid fairly. That is why I cut off the conditions; site is doing well then, shares it.

Clickers are student, housewives, employees, retirees, and sick people who make every effort to earn a living not to mention the hackers LOL who themselves are also trying to make a living too. LOL.

We accept all countries, why not? but we kick off the cheaters LOL.

Cholox asked me why I changed the minimum from $1 to $5 for free members. That is to ensure that the site is always on profit and it is sustainable. Sustainability of the site is important. I told Cholox I think there is no big difference between $1 and $5, what matters is they get paid. What are you gonna do with $1? Withdrawing in small amount costs you more fees.

But anyway, I have other sites for you to choose from. If you want very low paying site, go to Danna Bucks & Swak PTC.

My previous conditions were questioned by some members; these people are the ones who only value the money. They are not open and did not see the purpose of the condition. They do not want to share anything in the site but they only want what they need… money...

They do not have a heart. You must have a heart if you want to earn in DaphneClix. I was very hurt too with some members accusing me of SCAM after giving away HUGE BONUSES not to mention the free upgrades we have given away to them. I do not tolerate this kind of attitude. They will like you if they get something good from you and stab your back if they don’t.

Well, too long already… a novel.
But again,
I thank you all!

Signed with love,

ADMIN I love you
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How a PTC Site Can Change Your Life
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