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 I am PISSED OFF with this 2 site.....

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PostSubject: I am PISSED OFF with this 2 site.....   Mon Jun 29, 2009 2:05 am

i will tell you a sorry, i join this 2 site (i don't want to tell the name of the site, if i tell they will be popular lol! ).....

1st ptc/pts/ptr - i received an email from them that the standard cashout is Arrow Arrow $100 dollar ....there members are 400+..... now i know the reason why others don't like to join that site lol! lol! lol! lol!

2nd ptc/pts/ptr - i am banned because they said that i reach the maximum limit of cheat check, what is that, i didn't cheat i know i didn't cheat i check the cheat box correctly and i realized that there's a time limit in checking there cheat box.....

i thank myself ( oh i'm so conceited) that i didn't purchased anything and upgrade........before i upgrade/purchased i test the site first if they will pay or not........i'm not stupid to invest money without profit....

but i think this site is cool.......
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I am PISSED OFF with this 2 site.....
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